Why Grinning Guys Don’t Have Game

Will smiling brightly help you to attract a mate or will a slight smirk win you a date sooner? When it comes to which facial expressions make you the most attractive to the opposite sex, this is one facet with a clear gender divide. A pair of studies uncovers that men find smiling women the most attractive, while women find prideful men to be the hottest.

Now guess which facial expressions are deemed the least sexually attractive: Men don’t like women with prideful expressions and women aren’t too keen on men who smile. Yes, that’s right, the same expression that makes a woman most beautiful is undesirable on a man, and vice versa. Funny how what works best for one gender is ineffective for the other.

How do the researchers account for this difference? They suspect that women don’t find happiness attractive on men because they view smiling as feminine and lacking dominance, whereas a prideful expression indicates a man’s ability to be a good provider. On the flip side, a woman’s warm smile shows a nurturing attitude, suggesting she might be a good mother.

One facial expression that men and women can both agree on is shame. Though it’s unclear why each gender finds ashamed-looking people to be sexually attractive, it does seem to indicate that human sexuality can be a wee bit twisted.

We can’t guarantee that following the results of these studies on facial expressions will land you a date,  but at least you now know how to pose for your online dating profile photograph.

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