The Secret Ingredient to Maximize Collective Intelligence

Put Bill Gates, Barack Obama and Stephen Hawking in a room and there’s no task they couldn’t complete right? Well, not so fast. Maybe  what that group of brainiacs needs is Hillary Clinton. It turns out that no matter how smart individual members of a group are, if a certain “collective intelligence” doesn’t exist, that group won’t accomplish very much. The simplest way to maximize the brain power of a group? Invite a woman into the discussion.

New research suggests that what’s important about a group dynamic turns out to be a keen sense of social sensitivity (the ability to read the emotions of others) and how many women are in your group.  According to the study, the more women in the group, the better the group did as a whole, no matter how high the IQs of group members. Women generally have higher emotional intelligence and are good at things like taking turns and listening to others.

If you’ve ever tuned into an episode of Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” then you’ve seen the idea of collective intelligence go seriously awry. There can be one person that gets in the way of all the others and tries to push a selfish agenda or not let others participate in a meaningful way.

Next time you pick a group of coworkers or friends to get something accomplished, remember to grab a few of the gals so you’ll actually get something done.

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