Want a More Romantic Marriage? Ask Another Couple on a Date

Double dates can be fun just as often as they can be awkward.  However, there may be many benefits to double dating other than improving your ability to feign interest in another couple’s daily lives.  A recent study shows that couples who share intimate details about their lives with other couples not only grow closer to their friends but also closer to each other.  The study supports the idea that the social environment can either have a beneficial or detrimental impact on the relationship depending on how much information was divulged.  Couples that shared more tended to be closer to one another as opposed to couples who littered the conversation with small talk and not much more.  The couples who just shared small talk shared no genuine connection and had little interest in continuing interaction with the other couple at the conclusion of the study.

The shared interaction brings the couple closer together as well as sparks the hope between couples about the prolonged success of the other couple’s relationship, further implying the importance of healthy communication between couples. So go ahead and call that couple you’ve been meaning to have dinner with and share yourself — you’ll spice things up and make new friends.

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