Is It All in Your Head? Female Sex Problems Helped by Sugar Pill

Sexual dysfunction for women can be frustrating and often a bit taboo to discuss. Whether it is lack of arousal, failure to orgasm or pain during intercourse, women often sweep these issues under the rug. But it seems there may be a pill that could possibly help; but it has little to do with the actual pill and a lot to do with getting the problem off their chests. A recent study found that almost 35 percent of the women treated for sexual dysfunction had a significant positive change in their dysfunction after receiving a placebo pill and more than 60 percent of woman given a placebo had a definite change for the better resulting in more satisfying sexual encounters.

So why the improvement after taking a simple sugar pill? The is a common phenomenon where someone takes an inert substance believing it to be a helpful medication and they show improvement even though they didn’t actually take anything. There are a few theories as to what causes the placebo effect but the exact reason is still unknown. The researchers suspect it”s just the act of trying to get help that caused these women to see improvement, the fact that they were empowering themselves instead of just suffering through it.

Sexual dysfunction can be a bit embarrassing to talk about; but more than 40 percent of women will experience some type of sexual dysfunction in their lifetime. Since the cause of sexual dysfunction can be psychological or physiological, so seek advice from a trained professional. Chances are even taking a small first step and talking about it will help you out.

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  • Some of you may be familiar with TED Talks. In this one, the speaker, Nicole Daedone, redefines FSDD as Pleasure Deficit Disorder, a cultural issue. She also offers a cure, and its not what you think:

    I have been practicing what she describes in her video with my partner for over 3 years and I have to say it works. Enjoy.

    I welcome any comments or feedback.

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