Fish Oil Won’t Make Kids Smarter, 4 Ways to Raise IQ

Fish oil is a common supplement among pregnant women hoping to give birth to smarter kids. For years, it has believed that fish oil could give provide brainy advantages to kids, but according to the Huffington Post and a research team in Spain, this may not be true after all.

In the study, pregnant women took either fish oil, fish oil with folate, folate, or a placebo to see which group wound up with brighter kids. At the age of six, all of the kids underwent a series of tests to measure their intelligence. In the end, there appeared to be no significant difference between the kid’s cognitive abilities, suggesting that receiving fish oil while in utero may not help.

Since the study checked up with the kids at the age of six, it is possible that cognitive advantages of fish oil would appear later in the children’s lives.

It’s been a bad year for fish oil. Other recent studies have also shown that fish oil doesn’t help cure postpartum depression or successfully tackle Alzheimer’s disease.

So is there any scientific evidence of things that can indeed raise your child’s IQ? Recent studies have shown that breastfeeding your child can lead to better grades down the road. In a recent Australian study, 10-year-olds who were primarily breastfed for six months or longer had higher scores in all categories (mathematics, reading, writing and spelling) than those who were breastfed for less than six months. Other factors that may improve cognitive development include a healthy diet, decreased pesticide exposure and less contact with lead.

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