Happy People May Talk More

The “gift” of gab may be happiness. A team of psychological scientists from the University of Arizona eavesdropped and dissected daily conversations made throughout the day by both happy and unhappy people. The paper, published in the February 2010 issue of Psychological Science. reports that “the findings demonstrate that the happy life is social rather than solitary, and conversations run deep rather than superficial.”

Study participants were hooked up to a tiny device that tracked their conversations every 30 seconds for 12.5 minutes over the course of four days. Then researchers sorted the thousands of hours of recording by conversational style: either deep talk versus small talk. Subjects were also asked to take various psychological personality tests to assess their temperament and mood.

The happiest people talked a whopping 70% more then their quiet counterparts. Further, the happy people were more social and spent 25% less time alone. Plus, the chatters weren’t just talking idle gossip, they engaged in double the amount of meaningful and deep conversations.

If you’ve ever been told you talk too much, have a long, deep talk about it with someone. The upside of being a social butterfly is you connect with others to connect with yourself.

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