Midlife Crisis and the Letter U

When we were kids we couldn’t wait to tell people our age; we even counted our age in half-years. The older we get the less we like to be defined by the year of our birth, and there is an entire beauty industry banking on our desire to look young. There may be a reason we cling to our younger self, turns out we may have been happier then.  According to research conducted by David G. Blanchflower and Andrew J. Oswald, if happiness had a shape it would be similar to the letter U.

That’s right, we are born happy little babies, dipping into depressed midlife crisis adults, and curve back up to our happy place after we’ve had our AARP card for a while. After examining data with 500,000 people they concluded “Happiness among American males and females reaches a minimum at ages 49.5 and 45.1 respectively.” Furthermore, the study proved that though the age of our dismal years may vary from country to country, the shape of the U is the same internationally.

Evidently, if we exercise and eat healthy our mood, when we’re 70, will be very similar to our happy 20 year old self. Here’s to our future happiness, along with all of the hair plugs, botox shots, countless dye jobs, and vats of wrinkle cream.

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