Q & A- How Do I Stop Panic Attacks?

I get panic attacks, what can I do to get rid of them?

Panic attacks are common (2.4 million suffering from them regularly) and very uncomfortable to say the least. A panic attack is a sudden and overwhelming sense of fear, coupled with body symptoms like racing heart, shallow breathing, sweating, numbness in the limbs, dizziness, and feelings of unreality, going crazy or dying. Even though they are unpleasant, the good news is that they will always pass, you won’t “go crazy” and they are not medically dangerous. So what can you do about them?

  • Remind yourself that the feelings will pass and that they are just false alarms of danger. Panic attacks are often fueled by fears of the future and what is going to happen (“I’ll go crazy” or “I’m going to have a heart attack”), but what is actually going to happen is that it will pass. Panic can leave as quickly as it came.
  • Try to shift your focus from how you’re feeling inside to your surroundings or what you are doing. Focusing on your feelings and body sensations keeps you in your head and can feed the fear. Basically, distract yourself, do something to get your mind off the fear.
  • Engage in daily relaxation. Practice yoga, meditation, deep breathing or guided imagery. Here are some CD’s that can guide you through these practices. A wise person once said, “An anxious mind cannot exist in a relaxed body.”
  • Watch your drug and alcohol use. For some people, eliminating caffeine has eliminated their panic attacks. Caffeine, cocaine, marijuana and many other drugs can cause panic attacks, even days later.
  • Seek professional help. There are many evidenced based treatments to help you with panic, you don’t have to struggle alone.
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  • Suffering from panic attacks and wanting to find a panic attack cure is totally understandable nowadays. If you look online you can see many thousands of various people offering a quick fix here and there. It can all depend on how long you have been suffering and looking for a long term panic attack cure solution. If left too long it can become more complex and much more difficult to get rid of for good. Everyone is different and so you will hopefully find these 3 different methods will give you a bigger picture and will hopefully find and use a panic attack cure which suites you best.

    1. As previously mentioned, not everyone will suffer from panic and anxiety attacks in the same way. Some of us will experience them more regularly than others and some may not receive the same severe attacks as others experience. But the main starting point for us all is finding the main source or trigger point of a panic attack happening. For those people whom do not know or cannot see where the trigger is coming from, using a therapist could be an option to finding a permanent panic attack cure. This obviously costs money but for those who are desperate enough to find a way of stopping panic attacks will consider this to be a good option. Also, there are some good programs online which will show you video demonsrations on how to exactly solve this problem.

    2. Panic attack cures can be represented in many different ways with various formats but will be interpreted differently from person to person. Choose something that you feel comfortable with and can understand easily. At the end of the day you are here today reading this report so taking action and following through with any technique you choose will help to find a panic attack cure. You may choose a self help panic attack cure while others may choose to seek help from a professional, either way you must choose one that fits your needs for
    <a href=”http://www.stopping-panicattacks.com”>Stopping Panic Attacks</a>

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  • I used to have panic attacks constantly during the night. However, by facing my fears during one I was able to fight it off. Over the course of the next 2 or so weeks they went away permanently. I found this great resource online where I learned this technique and  I highly recommend it to anyone suffering from panic attacks: http://www.getridofpanicattack.com. 

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