Tainted Beef Recalled in Major Groceries Stores

Tainted beef potentially contaminated with E. coli may have you ordering chicken or fish for dinner tonight. A whopping 60,000 pounds of ground beef in at least three major grocery store chains are being recalled because they could be contaminated with E. coli bacteria. To date no illnesses have been reported. According to reports, “E. coli contamination was discovered at a plant in Ohio, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced in a press release Friday.

In what the USDA has labeled a “Class I Recall with a High Health Risk,” National Beef Packing Co., the fourth largest beef processor in the U.S., is recalling ground beef chubs produced on July 23 with a freeze date of August 12, as well as those produced on July 25 with a freeze date of August 14. Winn-Dixie Stores, Publix, Kroger and Walmart announced they were all recalling the meat.

Why is food safety is so important?
There may be one thing that most Democrats and Republicans can agree on: food safety. The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), which the President signed into law on January 4th, is potentially good news to everyone. Foodborne diseases cause about 76 million illnesses and 5,000 deaths each year.

What does the FSMA mean to you?
If you’ve ever gone to the supermarket and avoided buying a food because of a recent outbreak, this bill helps prevent that. Previously we’ve avoided things like alfalfa sprouts, peanut butter, spinach, tomatoes, peppers and the list goes on. The FSMA gives the FDA the power to inspect food production in the U.S. and imported foods ahead of time and more often. The goal is to catch problems before they occur instead of trying to contain the problem once it has spread.

While the FSMA will hopefully reduce contaminated food, we each need to do our parts. Keep in mind these:

FYI Food Safety Tips:

  • Keep food out in the temperature danger zone (between 40 and 140 F) for the least amount of time possible, definitely less than two hours. This range provides an ideal temperature for bacteria to grow. Thaw foods in the refrigerator or microwave not the counter top.
  • Avoid cross-contamination: Raw meats should never come in direct or indirect contact with other foods. After cutting raw chicken, wash the knife with soap and hot water before cutting your zucchini. The same goes for the cutting board and your hands!
  • Use a thermometer when cooking meats, poultry, egg or seafood, and follow the USDA guidelines for ideal internal temperatures.
  • When in doubt, throw it out: If it smells kind of funny, be safe and toss it in the garbage. Your stomach will thank you.
  • Summertime: Consider your picnic table – meat, eggs, sprouts might go bad in the summer sun. Keep foods in the cooler and bring them out in small portions.

National Beef Packing Co. states the products subject to recall include:

“Ground beef chubs produced on July 23, with a freeze-by date of Aug. 12: Boxes containing six 10-pound chubs of “National Beef 80/20 Fine Ground Chuck.” These can be identified by the product code 483. Boxes containing eight 5-pound chubs of “National Beef 80/20 Fine Ground Chuck.” These can be identified by the product code 684. Boxes containing twelve 3-pound chubs of “National Beef 80/20 Fine Ground Chuck.” These can be identified by the product code 782 or 785. Boxes containing six 10-pound chubs of “National Beef 80/20 Fine Ground Chuck.” These can be identified by the product code 787.

Ground beef chubs produced on July 25, with a freeze-by date of Aug. 14: Boxes containing eight 10-pound chubs of “National Beef 81/19 Fine Ground Beef.” These can be identified by the product code 431. Boxes containing eight 10-pound chubs of “National Beef 90/10 Fine Ground Beef.” These can be identified by the product code 471. Boxes containing six 10-pound chubs of “National Beef 86/14 Fine Ground Round.” These can be identified by the product code 494.

Anyone who has some of the beef can return it to their local Sam’s Club for a full refund or call National Beef consumer hotline at 877-800-6848.

Read more: http://www.wtae.com/health/28872284/detail.html#ixzz1VD82LKGl



  • Walmart buys from Mexico beef factories so it was just a matter of time before walmart becomes the biggest importer of tainted beef.

  • cont

    With the internet many people are starting to realize there are true natural healers that works better than drugs such as raw foods and good herbs in a comprehensive health building program like Dr Richard Schulze’s incurable program and the currently not too screwed up raw foods.

    Both have cured so many incurables illnesses and saved dying people but it seems they are going to be getting rid of these harming our raw foods by irradiating them in the alleged name of safety and making them GM so they not only no longer can heal us but also harm us.

    If they cross pollinate too many of these one year sterile seeds Monsanto is pushing, it may destroy all plants and when they go so do we.

    Even vegans are not safe as it is not just meats, dairy and eggs that they have “e coli” outbreaks but veggies too so now they can scare us with contamination and then say they are protecting us while opening the doors to things food makers have long wanted but were rejected by consumers whenever they trued to put them out there

    I know we got several companies to back off with activism on that like hormel and Hawaiian produce etc but it seems they found a way to make us think they are doing good while sneaking dangerous stuff in our foods and altering them One of the best healers on the planet are raw foods so they will be with passage of this bill and more highly publicized outbreaks be able to alter them frm life giving plants to man made sickness/death vehicles.

    They just made it so alfalfa is added to the list of foods that can be genetically modified without labeling it. In addition 95% of corn is gmo (and high fructose corn syrup is in most processed foods), soy, and often zucchini, canola, cottonseed, sugar from beets, and Hawaii papayas are genetically modified. Monsanto recently bought a company that produced most of the tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers on US shelves. Lord knows why and what they are going to fo with that and why/

    People better start growing gardens and buying from local farmers or doing community gardens to get at least some safe foods and minimize some of the exposure till they change things with quitting refined foods and going mainly whole foods and organics. They said it is hard to guarantee any food is not genetically modified nowadays even from health food companies and organic farm as standards are changed and small farmers are run out of business and raw milk and organic farmers are getting targeted in the fake name of safety

    This is sure depressing. And it seems the bill has already passed. BTW it says when produce etc is irradiated it kills the bacteria that let our noses tell us if the food is spoiled.

    what gets me is how they go after organic farmers and people selling herbs and ignore these disgusting animal slaughter houses and factory farms that do some much damage. Follow the money and maybe those who want population control.

    You better enjoy life while you can fro who knows what is coming down the pike..stock up on nonperishable foods like beans and start stockpiling and hiding some vitamins and herbs What good will knowledge do us if they alter our healthy foods and outlaw herb and things that help keep us healthy without side effects. I have never seen herbs and alternative health fail me. One article I read said they are distracting us with all this stuff like the fake debt crisis etc while they quietly pass all these bills to change the kind of food that will be available to us.

    I generally only buy canned and boxed stuff if it is imported as this stuff hardly contains any chemicals often and natural ingredients..some pickles I bought recently contained only cukes, vinegar and salt. but now they are making them change to pass their new standards whatever that is going to be, I fear there will not be much safe to eat and I cannot afford all organic nor do I have space to grow anything but tiny bits.

    I think it is so sad that they are seeming to deregulate the crappy big food companies who ruin everything healthwise and over-regulate the small real food makers and water down organic standards.

    Currently as a poor person I can stay healthy by eating lots of produce, nuts/seeds whole grains and beans but when they start messing with the produce that is not going to leave much. A raw food book I am reading said the conventional produce is so bad that one is better using cooked organic foods. Once they irradiate and get gmos in everything it will really be bad. Few of us can affords nothing but organics and even that could be messed up down the road.

    I know of a woman who cured her 4th stage kidney disease by eating cheap healthy things daily like pumpkin seeds, cabbage, grapes etc but when they start irradiating this stuff, it is going to harm not help us as surely as it did those Indian children that they used but still approved irritation shortly thereafter.

    They labeled it at least if not part of a whole (ex-irradiated oregano in a pizza does not have to be labeled only if it is just the oregano but gmo stuff does not have to be labeled. but in Europe they changed this be avoiding it but how can we if they do not tell us but assume that unless all you eat is organic you already consumed it and probably a lot of it. I just read it harms blood sugar and being a pretty new diabetic I am wondering about the big spike in it..if it is connected to these gmo crops.

    Like everything from fake elections to fake crisis’s to major lies, these political mouthpieces for TPTB are destroying this country in ways I fear have never been seen before I cannot even imagine the money the drugs and medical industries are going to make off us when they start messing up our foods…already we are getting sicker day by day. Once they control all the food, who knows what is coming next. they sure love to use fear to get this crap bills etc rammed don our throats. They are masters of deception.

  • The film food inc said in one hamburger there are up to 1000 dead cows and new rules can cause meat to sit around about 2 weeks before it gets tot he stores.

    I also read that Dairy is safest and yet they are going after raw milk producers who never had any instances of trouble form their products. “Dairy caused 434 illnesses out of 3.9 million. That’s about 1/100th of a percent of all foodborne illnesses. Quite an extremely rare event. By the way, “almost all” of the dairy contamination was “due to soft-ripened cheeses” – mostly queso fresco. ”

    “But UF determined that dairy is the fifth most dangerous food group sold in the U.S, by weighting various other factors, like “quality of life-year” and lethality. [3] health departments are pushing businesses to produce processed food rather than fresh, locally-sourced food, which is much healthier.”

    What? they want us to eat the unhealthy processed foods, chemicals and irradiated and gmo foods and not fresh, local and natural foods. I just learned that 80% of refined foods contain GMO and unless one is eating home grown or from farmers they trust and organics, they are eating GMO food everyday. High fructose corn syrup put in nearly everything is all genetically modified, They refuse to label it as they know 89% of Americans will not eat it if they know it is in there, but it seems it is too late as it was approved in 1996 which means our children have been eating it for 15 years. They said unless meat is organic you likely eat it in there everyday as well too,

    In a nutshell, if you’re eating CAFO meats and processed foods that are not 100% USDA Organic, you’re eating GMO’s. It’s that simple. The answer is to buy organic, and/or look for foods that are “non-GMO certified” by the Non-GMO Project.

    They can tell you irradiated food is safe all they want but I remember years ago doing a big research papers on it how they sent “free food” to Indian reservations that was genetically modified to see what effect it would have without telling these families and many of the children developed leukemia and other ills. I also know genetically modified foods have been found to be problematic as well. Likely 99% of us have been eating this stuff for years without realizing it fully or how it affects us..,maybe that is what is causing the childhood obesity and diabetes and God knows what else.

    The American Academy of Environmental Medicine has urged doctors to prescribe non-GMO diets for all patients, citing animal studies that show how GMOs cause disorders such as vital organ damage, gastrointestinal and immune system problems, accelerated aging, infertility, and dysfunctional regulation of insulin and cholesterol. Unfortunately, few doctors are paying attention and following this advice…from source below


    Monsanto has a lot to do with all this and they are going to not only ruin organic and wild foods through cross pollination with organic and wild plants but this affects wildlife..like certain butterflies developed many health problems and died when they ate this foods. Maybe it is related to bees dying for all we know. We are likely next and I suspect this is what they want for whatever nefarious reasons.

    they are some say genetically changing the DNA of the e coil like that found in Europe that lead to banning of herbs etc.

    For years the fda has been harassing natural healings for th crime of healing people without a license,

  • we will be seeing more and more of these tainted products I believe, not only due to filthy conditions of slaughterhouses but perhaps due to some agenda taking place to get rid of organic and local foods and put in place irradiated and genetically modified foods and make it so we have no natural paths to healing and must take the dangerous drugs as that will be our only choice.

    Just a small search lead me to some links. Follow some of the things linked on these and some of the youtube videos to learn more about fsma (food safety modernization act)




    This bill could crush backyard gardeners, seed savers, and raw milk dairy farmers, Just last week I heard on the radio of a farmer selling to a private buying club coop raw milk and other products who never had one instance of any sickness in over 25 years or so who was barged in with FDA agents with machine guns, terrorizing this Amish man and his family and destroying tons of safe raw milk.

    This is becoming more common.

    I remember talking a a farmer at a farmer’s market who sold very cheap produce and free range pork saying last year he would not be able to continue as all small sellers of any food will need to have expensive licensing and inspections etc that would take away any profit he made.

    I have even heard it may become a crime to trade seeds, give or sell home grown produce or maybe even sell it.

    One of the links on this above that I followed told of Shutting Down Artisan Ice Cream Maker for Crime of Using Fresh Fruit (not irradiated)

    They were told not to use fresh fruit instead of fruit syrup and fresh cream instead of pre-packaged soft serve mix. and that they will need to use sub-par ingredients or cough up around $40,000 for a pasteurizing machine.

    Processed ingredients would mean that Nice Cream – which built its reputation by using fresh, organic ingredients that are sourced from local farms – would be allowed operate without needing the dairy license. The problem with the dairy license is that in order to pass inspection, you have to make sure your bacteria levels are so low that using real ingredients simply doesn’t work.

    Something’s wrong with that. Something’s wrong with the fact that Cargill can stay in business after having to recall 36 million pounds of salmonella-tainted turkey, but Nice Cream may not be able to stay in business after keeping a clean record. Something’s wrong with the fact that health departments are pushing businesses to produce processed food rather than fresh, locally-sourced food, which is much healthier. ”

    Factory Foods Cause 70 pct of all foodborne illnesses; i recently read a food inspector said one might as well take the meat and rub it in feces and eat it which brought back memories years ago of reading the chickens were washed in a vat called fecal soup and at that time 1 in 3 chickens were contaminated with e-coli and salmonella.

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