Superbug Strain of Gonorrhea, STDs Just Got Scarier

Superbug — the term is scary for a reason! In fact, there’s a “superbug” strain of gonorrhea discovered in Japan that is immune to known forms of treatment for the sexually transmitted disease.  This new superbug, dubbed H041, has actually evolved to a point where previous forms of antibiotics have no effect on it whatsoever.  Each generation of gonorrhea gets gradually stronger and develops a resistance to antibiotics. Since this latest strain is immune to all previous forms, it gets labeled a superbug, and if an antibiotic that can treat it cannot be found, it may pose a serious health threat.

According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gonorrhea is “caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae, a bacterium that can grow and multiply easily in the warm, moist areas of the reproductive tract, including the cervix (opening to the womb), uterus (womb), and fallopian tubes (egg canals) in women, and in the urethra (urine canal) in women and men. The bacterium can also grow in the mouth, throat, eyes and anus.”  In short, anyone who is sexually active is at risk for contracting this STD; those who have the highest risk are  sexually active teenagers, young adults and African Americans, who have the highest reports of  gonorrhea in the United States.

Since there is no cure immediately available, should the superbug make its way to America, your best bet is to practice safe sex.  This might mean asking a partner about his sexual background, even if you think you know him very well.  In fact, friends with benefits might inadvertently steer you wrong since you are less likely to be vigilant about wearing a condom with a friend or asking if a friend has been tested, leading to the potential spread of sexually transmitted diseases.  Regular checkups are also another smart way to avoid trouble with STDs.  If you are unsure where there is a health center in your area, this webpage will help you find one.


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  • I don’t really think it matters were it was found the fact remains that it is around and people are going to pay the highest price because of it, their health. It does not matter how, when or why the problem is our young generation. Parents need to put down their newspapers and turn off their televisions, now is the time to sit down and have that heart to heart talk with your children, if you LOVE them. Everything else is on T,V, why not inform people through the news media, radio and rap music. We must protect the children of tomorrow, we as parents and caring adults must go where the children will listen, through music and the internet. Put it on billboards across the Unites States. This is no time for stupid people to make stupid jokes. Before this disease becomes an epidemic we can stop it, adults young and old have the ability to say no or insist on a condom unlike our younger generation who feel invincible. Last but not least ask heaven to help us, this is going to be bad!

  • It’s not going to change anything. If HIV, AIDs, and HepC aren’t going to make people smarter this new superbug isn’t going to either.

  • @JenniferCrites Jennifer, It is not just people who need to get smarter it is the parents. Parents need to put away their own selfish wants and take care of their children’s needs. Parents are self centered, she needs to get a tan, or her hair done, she has an appointment for her fingernails, he wants to go fishing, or to the baseball game, or he is going to go golfing. Wake up parents one day they are in diapers and the next they are having sex. If only the saddest 2 words in the English laungage, if only you had taken 20 minutes to talk!

  • This article is insulting! How about practicing safe sex as God intended, one man one women one lifetime and before that chastity. We are not animals, sex is not an uncontrollable impulse. How beautiful a world we would have if women would have some respect for themselves and save their virginity for marriage. We probably could knock out depression with STDs if we had some self dignity and self control.

  • @Maria Goretti Actually, we ARE animals and sex IS impulsive, yet controllable. Still, “having respect for yourself” in today’s society has a whole different meaning and what one chooses to do with their body is THEIR business. You don’t have to judge everyone just because they don’t meet your precious standards.

  • You know the funniest thing is how every generation as far back as anyone can remember has had a similar debate. “It’s the parents fault they need to take responsibilty for their wild children.” or “The children are taken in by what ever was considered pop culture at the time, and so they aer to blame.” I really don’t see an issue with this, I kind of look at it the same way I did the HIV/AIDS virus when they came out. The stupid people die because they didn’t listen to what people had to say, I say cool less chlorine need in the gene pool. The fact of the matter is, as humans our mind set is still set for baser needs, give me it now instant gratification, and what pleases us most. If you are not smart enough or take the initative to use the higher brain functions we have been trying to cultivate and improve upon for the last few millennia then good riddance, you deserve what you get. This goes for the children of tomarrow, and of yesterday. Make better chioces on who you sleep with, and how you protect yourself for that interlude, try and be just a touch more aware. Cause it boils down to one simlpe fact people learn, evolve, over come, adapt, or join the growing pile of bodies over there.

  • @Maria Goretti Um most Animals only have sex to produce a baby as with Human who do it for pleasure. So it might be better for you to say we should in fact act more like animals. Also even if a women saved herself for marriage who’s to say her partner will not cheat on her and bring the STD to her? There is no perfect world.

  • Hate to say this but I will. Point 1: The person is smart, people are stupid. Point 2: All living things evolve. Point 3: We can’t tell people to stop having sex or to wear condoms. Where does this leave us, Up a creek called excrement. I agree with deviltony1, this is going to get bad, at least until we find an anibiotic that kills this new evolution of the bactria. Ladies start buying condoms and make you dang lovers wear them. Then they don’t have the excuse “But I don’t have any…”

  • @Maria GorettiSafe sex as God intended? one woman, a life time? Lady you must not be able to read or you never read the bible. See bible quotes, according to “God” you are worth thirty shekles unless you are old, then you are worth 10.

    Exodus 21:8 If she please not her master, who hath betrothed her to himself, then shall he let her be redeemed: to sell her unto a strange nation he shall have no power, seeing he hath dealt deceitfully with her.

    Leviticus 27 – How much a slave woman is worth according to “God” – And thy estimation shall be of the male from twenty years old even unto sixty years old, even thy estimation shall be fifty shekels of silver…. And if it be a female, then thy estimation shall be thirty shekels.

    GE 3:16, CO 11:3-9, EP 5:22-24, CN 3:18, TS 2:5, PE 3:1-6 The husband is to rule over his wife. Wives are to be subject to their husbands even when the husband is disobedient to God. Man is the image and glory of God, while woman is the glory of man. Man was not created for woman but woman for man

    GE 38:8-10 A man who refuses to impregnate his widowed sister-in-law is “wicked in the LORD’s sight” and so is put to death.

    EX 21:7-11 A father can sell a daughter into slavery to pay a debt. A daughter sold into slavery is not released at the end of six years as is an ordinary male slave.

    EX 22:16-17 An unbetrothed virgin is required to marry her seducer.

    NU 31:18, 35, JG 21:12 Young virgins are considered a spoil of war and can be taken for the use of the victors.

    You religous people do not even know your religon and that is why we laugh at you.

    DT 22:28-29 A virgin who is raped must marry her rapist (if they are “found”).

  • I get tired of African Americans supposedly always being at risk. There are simply more of my people who are poor or have personal problems, like addiction, and it is THESE people who are at risk. I am African American and I have never had any STD In my life. None of my family, friends, associates, church members, people in my social clubs, people in school with me, etc. ever had any STDs either. Black people with STDS are prostitutes, addicts or people that sleep with those kinds of people OR unfortunate people who slept with people who slept with those kinds of people (a second or third removed kind of thing). The only Black people who weren’t prostitutes or addicts that had STDs that I have EVER met were some men and women at the volunteer center in a support group and they didn’t know their spouses or partners had slept with prostitutes or addicts. I talk to other Black people across this nation and they always say the same things. Stop testing addicts and prostitutes and then saying “we are all at risk’.

  • @soulflower

    Greetings Soulflower. I’m a nurse in a youth detention center. I cannot tell you how many african-american youths I have come across, educated and treated for STD’s. When I have to sit down and talk to them about the fact that they have been infected, I have gotten a range of emotions from anger/rage to depression. These are children ages 12 to 18! Many of these children contracted an STD from their very first sexual encounter! I have also had some heartbreaking stories from the youth being raped or molested and receiving an STD from that encounter. Whether or not you want to believe it, STD’s are high in the African-American community and it attacks our youth!! I am so greatful that you and your family/friends have not suffered from this “plague”. I praise God in your victory. But there are many people (not just prostitutes and drug addicts) who suffer. There are some “good” people who suffer. The culprit….IGNORANCE!! “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowlege.” Hosea 4:6. Anyone who engages in unprotected sex ARE AT RISK!! Anyone who does not heed the Word of God is at risk!!! What we need to do in our African-American communities is educate our people in God’s word as well as educating them in life. Are you sharing the knowlege that you have with those who do not???

  • @soulflower
    I dont think your friends and fellow church goers are about to share that type of information with you. I remember a saying from a person in the black community “we are a very sexual people” spark a memory? I seriously doubt people in some poor countries have a choice on wether to have sex or not. Some men just take it from whomever.

  • @senji_prime God is not the answer to this. Why do these threads always go in this direction? I do not follow a religion. I do work with a lot of people into christianity however and they seem to be the biggest hypochrites. “god will show me the way” “god will provide” “thank goodness I have god”. where is their god when my supplies are gone and in the trunks of their cars that “god” provided. Can I have this for my church? Am i supposed to feel bad for that church on the corner that has the finely crafted ceilings? the new church bells? These churches look better than most places I go. I feel it is better to be a good friend and person than to blindly follow a religion just because my parents followed it, so I don’t feel like an animal with blinders on. Keep your money and take care of your self, if you feel bad, save and donate. Don’t steal from work and say “Thank the Lord for the air in my lungs”.

  • @chazmuffin

    Beloved….this has nothing to do with following a “religion”. This is a matter of the heart. Are there hypocrites in the world?? Absolutely!! Are there people who profess to be Christians, but do not live a Christian life. Absolutely!! But “true” followers of Christ are not hypocrites. They are people who have invited Christ into their hearts and lives and allowed Him to change and mold them into His image and have developed a relationship with God the Father. God does indeed have all the answers to the problems that we face in life. Do not be deceived! God’s word is very clear on this matter as well as others. I challange you to pick up His word (The Holy Bible) and read it. You would be surprised at what you find. God loves you as much as He does me that He sent His only begotten son to die so that we may be saved and all you have to do is accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. What I speak is not “religion” but truth and I speak this to you in love. Blindly follow no religion based on what “man” says, man’s rules, man’s thinking. Man is ever changing, but God is the same yesterday, today and forever!!! What have you got to lose?

  • @soulflower They Probably have it. It’s just they keep it a secret because they will never keep a relationship nor a normal/happy sex life. Sadly. . .

  • @etrussell1 @Maria Goretti It is easy to read a passage out of context and finding what you want to. Everyone seems to do it in all walks of life in many disciplines–just ask a lawyer. When an individual treats the Bible as a novel and fails to understand the richness of the history and heritage that underlies Gods word, they often miss much. Do some basic research into the cultures back than and see why some of these commands were given. Actually, much of it protects a woman. Imagine a single woman raped and giving birth to a child. Than imagine the hardships she would face. What has any country done for woman of other countries in recent wars–certainly mary them and support them. Much of the quoted–in these postings–scripture is paraphrased and not correctly translated. That is dangerous. Unfortunately, the population sees the faults in Christianity due to some high profile failures. The whole thingshould have. about the wifes being subserviant to the husband is often misquoted for the times and taken out of context. Read the rest. It says the husband is to be to his wife as Christ is to the church. Christ gave his life for the church. Also, read proverbs 31–last half which gives a great view of the freedom that woman. May God bless you and sooth your anger.

  • @soulflower

    I understand your point. but you have NO IDEA who in your family or church or circle of friends has gotten an STD. That’s not something peopkle generally share with anyone but their partner…So I agree you most likely have NOT heard of an STD in any of these groups. People usually keep that info private…especially from church family and friends!

  • @soulflower

    I understand your point. but you have NO IDEA who in your family or church or circle of friends has gotten an STD. That’s not something peopkle generally share with anyone but their partner…So I agree you most likely have NOT heard of an STD in any of these groups. People usually keep that info private…especially from church family and friends!

  • @soulflower

    I understand your point. but you have NO IDEA who in your family or church or circle of friends has gotten an STD. That’s not something peopkle generally share with anyone but their partner…So I agree you most likely have NOT heard of an STD in any of these groups. People usually keep that info private…especially from church family and friends!

  • @soulflower Yo homeslice. Dis be a conspiracy perpetrated by nun otha than George W. Bush. Now Obama be fixin thangs so youz ain’t gotta worry about shiznit, cuz.

  • @chazmuffin @senji_prime You didn’t even bother to read what Senji_prime wrote! You saw the word “God” and got all in a tizzy and immediately made an assumption and then went off on some little fanatical tangent. It doesn’t matter to the discussion what you want to believe or disbelieve. No one particularly cares if you aren’t a Christian or have problems with people who are. The person with the knowledge, a nurse, Senji_prime, made an educated comment. They also used their faith as a gratitude. Your arrogant, ignorance made you react in a way that had NOTHING to do with the comment or the topic. “Waa waa waa, why do you have to mention God?” Because in a free society everyone gets to speak the way they choose not just you. The basis of the argument was fighting ignorance. Your comment was ironic.

  • @chazmuffin @soulflower Wow, generalize much? Church goers don’t instruct about sex ed, all blacks are sex fiends, all poor women are raped, all men in poor countries cannot control themselves and screw indiscriminately…I love how you make assumptions and present them as fact. Soulflower made a statement and you zero in on “Church goers” regardless of the point of Soulflower’s statement. “I dont think your friends and fellow church goers are about to share that type of information with you..” I don’t know those people you are talking about. You don’t either. I wouldn’t assume either way but if one of those people says, “Yes we share this lifesaving important information.”, who the heck are YOU to say they do not? You make assumptions based on little knowledge and lots of rumors….that’s what prejudice is all about Charlie Brown. Try opening your mind before you open your mouth.

  • I can’t believe the gender bias! “Ask your partner about HIS sexual background.” So it’s only the sexual backgrounds of men that matter? Way to go FYILiving, nice to know your so non-discriminatory…


  • im missing something…….its found in japan……..but blacks are most likely to get it……here we go with the government injecting blacks with this std…… um um……what a shame

  • Rocephin 125mg injection with co-treatment with Azithromycin 1 gram to cover concomminant Chlamydia has been the CDC’s treatment protocol for years. Syphillis has scared us as healthcare providers since it has shown resistance to penicillin – Gonorrhea has been difficult to test in the pharynx and rectum requiring different treatment protocols.

  • @senji_prime @chazmuffin I am an advanced practice RN prescribing and treating these conditions and the ‘nurse’ in the detention center may see a disproportionate number of African-Americans in her demographic area; however, morality and ethics do not create Superbugs – modern medicine does with the overuse of antibiotics. Hypocrite, Christian, drug addict or prostitute makes no difference in whom infectious disease afflicts. This is why now we have a large increase in heterosexual women/pregnant women with HIV. These people could have been raped, molested, made bad choices, who cares – we still have to treat them and especially the women to preserve their fertility during their prime childbearing years. Pointing fingers, being judgemental and condescending does not cure infection or prevent it. If you want to place blame put it on poverty, lack of education and cuts in social funding programs provided by our health departments regardless of country of origin.

  • It did not say that African Americans have this particular strain of gonorrhea it says “those who have the highest risk are sexually active teenagers, young adults and African Americans, who have the highest reports of gonorrhea in the United States.” Key word being in the United States.@ronwestley.westley1

  • It really doesn’t matter who it is targeted against or who is more likely to contract because I doubt anyone is immune to it. This is always what makes things worst is everyone ignores the warning for one to be more safe. Although I believe the government is behind 90% of disease it still does not change the fact we are all affected by it. Please don’t let this be the 80’s again I wasn’t born then but I hear it was really sad…

    Be Safe Earthly Family

  • Don’t judge all Christians by this idiot’s words PLEASE!!! She doesn’t speak for all of us she cannot even speak for herself! She spews her twisted Dogma without ever using her own brain. Sure proof of an idiot.

    Your stupidity, ignorance and blasphemous use of God is insulting! What are you even doing in this discussion? Don’t you have a idol to pray to or something? We are Mammals. As God made us, We are animals. That is a fact. Sexual desire is caused by hormones. If you never felt it there must be something wrong with you because it’s natural. Natural means the way God made it. And in the younger humans those impulses are nearly uncontrollable. That’s why your teenage son’s sheets crackle when you take them off his bed.

    The other animals of the world don’t have to worry about control, God gave them mating seasons. the higher critters have sex for pleasure and to show dominance. Humans are some of those higher critters. Oh and most other critters are better than humans because they don’t rape, they don’t war, they don’t kill for pleasure, they don’t torture for pleasure, they don’t sell each other out, & they don’t rape children. The rape gangs in the Congo…human or other critter? Jim Jones…human or other critter? The terrorist pilots on 9/11 human or critter? Hitler…human or critter? The leaders of the Crusades? …Human or critter? Pedophile priests…human or critter?

    One man and one woman, really? Who fed you that because you certainly didn’t read it in the Bible where the patriarchs have multiple wives and concubines and even Abraham visited a prostitute and it was okay. The Bible was written by men. Men do their best to hold women back. Stupid women embrace that thought because they have none of their own. God gave you a brain to be able read for yourself not to regurgitate the words of a liar. A true marriage is one of equality, love and physical and mental compatibility. I respect myself to not buy the car without a test drive. I am not the pawn of any man nor will I ever be his servant. Men feed you that lie to control you and the stupid eat it up.

  • @Maria Goretti

    Men cannot and do not speak for God. There was only ONE man and He is not here, we are waiting for His return. There is NO ONE else who can speak for God. ANY man or woman who says they speak for God or know what God thinks is a liar and a BLASPHEMER but they are’t as bad as the morons who follow them. A real man, loves you, respects you, treats you with dignity and equality and rocks your world in the bedroom. Those who are not man enough to fit that description hide behind God and use God as an excuse for everything bad they do. Worthless men who want control use your sex, they tell you it’s bad, they tell you it’s dirty to like it & they tell you it’s evil to want it. God made it nice, God made orgasm. God made pleasure. Who are those men to contradict God’s creation?

    Marriage was NEVER about anything more than business. A man bought his wife and sold his daughter into the slavery of marriage. That;’s why there is a Marriage Contract. There was nothing about love! Of course it was between a man and women. Women were nothing but Heir factories. Two men or two women can’t make a baby, but they can make a true love and companionship I, as a hetro woman, am envious of. Men screwed around and it was not only acceptable it was expected, they screwed their other slaves and their sister-in-laws if the brother was lacking. There’s a lot of screwing in the Bible. “Begetting” …”He ‘knew’ her again” euphamisims for screwing. Lot screwed his daughters and used the lame old excuse that he was drunk, didn’t know what he was doing and it was the girl’s fault. How he get it up then? They thought it would be good if their father knocked them up… Really? That’s garbage!! He knew what he was doing. It was incest! That doesn’t fly now, why would it then? That was Rape and Incest and Lot was the righteous guy? Of course the story is skewed to justify the incest.

    Marriage is a human invention. Adam and Eve weren’t married. They were a breeding pair nothing else. God brings love, dignity, respect and partnership to marriage. But weak, lame Men resist and foolish women follow them. If God loves you so much to give the life of His Son why oh why wouldn’t God want you to be happy in your life? I don’t fear God, God loves me. Why should I fear someone who loves me? We have the Ten Commandments and that’s the only writing credited to God. Everything else is man made…or fluff.

    See God gave we women a power over men. Men know this and have done their best to suppress it for eons. It is our sexuality. The weaker a man is the more prudish he’ll be toward a woman and her body. Until the Victorian times, Western medicine didn’t even believe that a woman could have pleasure in sex and climax. They believed that women who did were sick in the head…Hysterical.

    I respect myself. I respect the body God gave me. God made my girl parts to work in a certain way for my pleasure. I am not going to insult God and myself by selling myself to some stupid, careless clod who cannot or will not figure it out. ALWAYS go for a test drive!! But if the car’s not worth driving, don’t bother at all. I’m not a car pig though, I don’t test drive them all. I value myself enough to know that a man has to be more than good enough to get that close to me and he has to be good at what he does once he gets there. If not, I owe it to myself to move on. Virginity is a man’s myth. The only reason it was ever important was to be assured the young wife he bought would be pregnant with his child when he raped her and not someone else’s.

    If your husband doesn’t give you pleasure, he’s a failure as a husband and your marriage is a sham. Children are NOT a woman’s pleasure. That was made up by men who are lousy in bed and needed to brainwash women into denying the wonderful body God gave them. In return, to also make them deny God by denying themselves. If I married the first guy I slept with I would be divorced by now. Oh it would have been nice and romantic but reality set in. He was a rotten, lying, cheating rat! Men suck! It’s fact. The right guy has to love you, respect you, and be a good lover. So be very sure you have picked the right guy before you take an oath because divorce sucks worse. Be very sure. When you think he’s that special guy go for a “test drive”, USE PROTECTION and don’t settle for just any ol’guy. You are worth more than that.

  • And yes I know Chimps wage war and bloody attacks on other Chimp tribes. That’s why I said “Most” critters don’t.

  • @Leech Stronger viruses are the World’s way of reducing our over population. Survival of the fittest. There’s too darn many humans messing up this planet.

  • @whatever Just an FYI for you. The English language uses the word “his” as an encompassing gender word when writing. Political correctness has become overly stupid. I would begin to read and consider what has been said rather than to knit pick little words and attempt to find something to be insulting towards you or a particular gender, race, or religion. You just made an informative article into a tyrant about whether the author used he, she, or he/she. Grow up.

  • It may come to pass that this strain maybe “cured” only by surgical removal of the infected organs…like was done with early stage syphillus infections in the 1930s.

  • @LindaOUARNP Yes and so? This is not the same strain of Gonorrhea as the one treated with rocephin. There is no effective antibiotic and that is the real problem. We have not seen cases in the US that we cannot treat, what do you do with a case where we give antibiotics but the bacteria continues to thrive and infect the person more and more?

    That would be more helpful Linda

  • @soulflower The reason AA are in the story because the STUDY’s show that they have a higher percentage of STD’s, it has nothing to do with opinions, its Statistical fact.

    What is wrong is Political correctness, Keep politics out of medicine!

    Truth is truth and it sets us free!

  • @etrussell1 @Maria Goretti Even Satan knows the word of God and uses it well & he knows how to twist & turn it to keep non-believers just that. Nobody is perfect.Never will be. If you have read that much of The Bible, pray to God & accept Jesus into your heart-ask him to show you the truth-it couldn’t hurt anything right? You just may be surprised with the results:)

  • A friend got the super bug. He saw a doctor and the doc said he would have to cut off his penis. So he saw another doc. That doc said he would have to cut off his penis. My friend thought to himself, since he got it in Japan he should see a Japanese doc. He said to the doc, are you going to have to cut off my penis. After looking it over closely the Japanese doc said: “Don’t worry, no have to cut, it fall off all by it self.”

  • It says “This might mean asking a partner about his sexual background, even if you think you know him very well.” We that’s very bigoted and condescending i.e. what about all the FEMALE sluts and whores out there??

  • idk what too think about this i dont know what i would do if i gotton something like that but condoms play a big part from getting crap like that one reason i dont sleep around if i do have sex i rap it up

  • I am white … but know lots of middle class blacks. To my knowledge, the blacks (in average) tend to be far more responsible in their sex habits – and more faithful to their spouses – than (again in average) the middle class whites I know.

    Johnny K

    San Francisco CA

  • That occurred under the law. You should go back and study your scriptures. Consequently, when Jesus came on the scene, died, and rose on the third day with all power in His hands — we are now under grace.

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