Sunscreen Pill a Possibility – So Long Suntan Lotion?

Sunscreen pill? Yup, you read that right, suntan lotion might be a thing of the past if a new pill that protects you from UV rays is successfully developed . The secret to this pill rests in coral from Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The coral possesses UV blockers that help protect your skin from the sun’s harms. It’s so nice that the ocean may produce exactly what we need for a day at the beach!

Don’t look for a sunscreen pill in stores yet, however. Though the initial research is promising, production of such a pill is still years away. Since the coral is endangered, scientists will have to make artificial replicas of the coral and test its effectiveness on human skin.

There is some concern that they hypothetical pill could hinder the body’s creation of vitamin D, so this too will need to be tested. Still, the convenience of taking a pill to offer protection from sun damage might outweigh a few downsides. As anyone who’s ever had uneven burns after a day on the beach can tell you, it’s quite easy to “miss a spot” with lotion.

Because a pill is not yet an option, read this handy guide on how to choose the best sunscreen. And don”t forget to lather up real good! Another study found that people use less than half of the amount of sunscreen they should be putting on.

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