Sleeping Problems May Lead to Behavioral Problems in Kids

Believe it or not, if your child has been bullying others or acting aggressively, sleepiness may be part of the reason.

A recent study looked at 341 children in grades two to five, most of who were from low-income households, for their sleeping habits and aggressive behavior at school. Parents and teachers completed questionnaires to indicate whether or not the children bullied and otherwise misbehaved to the point of needing to be sent to the office. Parents and teachers were also questioned about the students’ sleepiness, snoring and attentiveness.

As it turns out, children who snored or were sleepy tended to behave worse than those who got a good night’s sleep. The study’s drawbacks include a low participation rate — only 30 percent of eligible students took part. Also, teachers and parents rated the same students differently, but there was indeed a strong connection between kids who slept poorly due to snoring and a child’s poor conduct in school.

If you’re a parent concerned about your child’s aggressive behavior, by making sure your child gets a good night sleep, you may be preventing her from growing into an adult with serious psychological problems — which can happen if bullying isn’t nipped in the bud.

What’s more, snoring that’s caused by sleep apnea is linked to stroke risk in adults. So even if bullying isn’t an issue, if your child is a serious snorer, consider having him evaluated by a sleep specialist. Talk to your child’s pediatrician to map out the best plan for getting your child the best night’s sleep possible.


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  • Stress is one of the suspects for sleeping problems that people have. One way to have a sleepless nights is resolve all your problems for the day before sleeping so you won’t end up thinking the whole night about your blunders for the day. Break free from stress and you’ll be sound asleep as much as you want. As for babies and little children though, if you notice sleeping disorders you should consult with a pediatrician right away to make sure your baby is safe all the time.

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