Possible Cure For The Sleepy Head (Aside From Coffee)

Possible Cure For The Sleepy Head (Aside From Coffee)
Possible Cure For The Sleepy Head (Aside From Coffee)

For many people the morning procedure is ritual: use a cup of coffee to help you wake up.  Not surprising that most Americans need the morning jolt of coffee: more than 47 million adults in the United States are sleep deprived.  On average, the ideal amount of sleep nightly is between seven and eight hours a night; if the body gets under that amount the negative effects of sleep deprivation beginning to kick in, such as forgetfulness or impaired mental performance.

According to new research there might just be a better alternative to sleep deprivation than having a few extra espresso shots in your morning latte. Through testing in lab mice researchers discovered a direct correlation between the amount of time the mice stayed awake to that of an enzyme produced in the brains of these mice. This enzyme is actually what blocks brain cells from connecting to one another; leading to the typical symptoms of sleep deprivation. Furthermore, the longer the mice stayed awake the more enzyme was produced and the greater the effects of sleep deprivation were apparent.

This research points to the idea that not only could the effects of sleep deprivation be successfully identified, but they could also be treated.  By successfully identifying the culprit enzyme scientists could theoretically eliminate it and make sleep deprivation a thing of the past.  Unfortunately, this research is still in its infant stages as of now and an actual “cure” for sleep deprivation is probably many years away.  In the meantime the best idea is to have a comfortable bed and a warm pot of coffee to great you in the morning.

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