Multiple Sclerosis DNA Breakthrough: UK Docs Find New Clues to Disease

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Multiple sclerosis is one step closer to being cured. British scientists have discovered 29 new genetic variants linked to multiple sclerosis (MS) and it’s thought that these findings could help pharmaceutical companies focus treatment research on exact areas of the immune system.

This new breakthrough purports that T-cells — a type of white blood cell responsible for mounting an immune response — and chemicals called interleukins play a major role in the development of MS.

This exciting news comes on the heels of earlier findings that vitamin D via sunshine may help curb what is known as first demyelinating events, or FDE. First demyelinating events are warning signs of development of multiple sclerosis (MS). Multiple sclerosis may have an enemy in vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin). The sun may be giving you more than just a nice tan. The recent study suggests that exposure to sunlight may reduce your risk of developing multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis, a severely debilitating nerve disease, is less common in the tropics and scientists assumed that this may be attributable to sun exposure and vitamin D levels. In MS, the fatty myelin sheaths that insulate nerves in the central nervous system are damaged by the immune system. Vitamin D, a nutrient that the body produces from sunlight, is noted to likely have a positive impact on the immune system and therefore may help protect against the autoimmune disease. While there have been studies linking vitamin D to incidence of MS, none of these studies linked the quantity of sun exposure to the risk of developing MS.

For MS sufferers, all these breakthroughs may mean a near future free from this debilitating disease.



  • Well, without drugs, I have arrested and REVERSED my MS using 10,000 iu Vitamin D3 daily and Vitamin B12 1,000IU daily as Methylcobalamin (NOT Cyanocobalamin) with the addition of 400 iu Folic acid and 25 mg B6.. the lesions on my brain have gone.. I have normal function back.. and have done for 5 years now.. except on a visit to Arkansas when I left my vitamins behind.. I started relapsing in days and had to be taken through the airport in a wheelchair at Little Rock and Manchester, UK. By the way, I am a nurse-nutritionist by trade and training.. when I was FINALLY diagnosed in 2005 my neurologist said he wanted to start me on an interferon-based treatment but I declined, saying I would find my own cure.. no drugs for me if I can avoid it! MS-ers MUST avoid MSG (in most fast food), Aspartame/Acesulfame sweeteners like the plague.. these are neurotoxins that pass the blood-brain barrier and destroy whet little B12 we have. They are also appetite stimulants.. yes, those artificial sweeteners make you eat more.. it’s what they give lab mice to make them obese! I had a brilliant diet before this cracked off, but this is where you need to be: Anything with “HYDROGENATED” in it.. or “PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED” is a road-up disaster. Bear in mind that when anything is deep fried in a typical oil, the fat rapidly becomes “ARTIFICIALLY HYDROGENATED”. The “runnier” the oil in the first place, such as corn oil or sunflower oil, the worse the damage that occurs. This type of fat cannot be used to promote good cell health. The only thing that we can do is to either burn them up as calories, or store them, and the US indeed does have a massive problem with obesity! You have probably seen oils/fats with “High in Omega 3’s”? Well, those are what you SHOULD be aiming for. Most vegetable fats are high in Omega 6’s. These facts actually PROMOTE the anti-inflammatory process. An EXCELLENT all-round oil is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I buy it in gallon quantities. You CAN cook safely with this as it is very difficult to “damage” it by heating but NEVER reheat ANY oil.. throw out that deep fat fryer and do yourself a big favour! Butter is fine but unless a product says “High in Omega 3’s”, steer clear of “manufactured” spreads. The fat found in “CAGE FREE” birds is excellent.. whether it is from a free-range chicken or wild-caught turkey or deer, or from grass-fed lamb. With eggs, always go with “CAGE FREE”, especially if it says high in Omega 3 fats. They will have had items such as flax seed added to their diet to raise their own Omega 3 levels. These birds are much healthier than caged birds. And much healthier for you! Fats/oils/foods to go for high in Omega 3’s are anything containing the following, from highest levels to lowest levels Flax seed or Flax seed oil, Coconut Oil, Walnuts and Walnut oil, Fish such as salmon, , which is rich in oils. Never fry fish! Almonds and almond butter, Cashews, Brazil nuts, Herring, Sardines, Anchovies, Halibut, Tuna, Scallops, Shrimp, Olive oil, Canola oil (unrefined if possible!!) There is a TON more dietary stuff that you can do but if you can avoid anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup you will be doing yourselves a favour… this is an excellent approach to preventing ANY chronic illness by the way.

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