Lil Wayne Accident at Skatepark

Lil Wayne suffered a head injury when he had an accident at a skate park in St. Louis.  Lil Wayne (nee Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.) is a Grammy-winning musician who perhaps is best known for his controversial lyrics and collaborations with various other rappers.

“The Lou was good but I busted my fuggin’ head at the sk8park! 9 stitches! Gnarly gash over my left eye! Luv the people,” the rapper Tweeted after leaving the hospital.  However the details of the accident and if this will affect his upcoming tour remains mum.  His newest album, “Tha Carter IV” is due to be released August 29th.

Lil Wayne is not the first celebrity to suffer a head injury.  A few months ago, Ali Fedotowsky suffered a similar head injury while riding her bike.   Above all else, hopefully people will learn to start wearing a helmet when riding bikes, bicycles and scooters.

Recently a study was produced citing that showed wearing a helmet during sports like skiing and snowboarding provides better protection to those engaged in sports. “The study showed that wearing a helmet during sports like skiing and snowboarding provides better protection to sportspersons. Among hospitalized patients, about 16 percent had fractures of the face or skull bone if they wore a helmet. Such fractures were about 45 percent in those who were not wearing a helmet at the time of sports.”

When data specific to fractures of the skull cap were studied, the difference became rather glaring. Among the helmeted, skull cap fractures were 5 percent and among the non-helmeted, similar fractures affected around 37 percent of patients. The incidence of cervical spine injuries was the same across both groups.

People participating in sports like kayaking, biking, skiing and snowboarding need to be aware of the advantages of wearing helmets so that they can be protected from serious injuries during falls.

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