Hair Loss: Divorce Found to Be Trigger for Women’s Thinning Hair

Hair Loss: Divorce Found To Be Trigger For Women’s Thinning Hair
Hair Loss: Divorce Found To Be Trigger For Women’s Thinning Hair

Hair loss has been found to be an unfortunate side effect of divorce for some women. It seems that financial woes, heartache and a blow to the self esteem aren’t the only hardships that come from a failed marriage. Recent research suggests that while genetics still plays the largest role in hair loss, stress such as that stemming from a divorce, is the second highest reason for women’s hair loss. And just when you wanted to look your best for revenge!

The study followed 84 sets of identical twins and it wasn’t only divorce stress that was a predictor of hair loss; smoking and heavy drinking were also found to raise the risk of hair loss.

So it’s not like you can reverse a divorce just to get your hair back, so what are your treatment choices? Rogaine for women is a product that you can try and there are laser treatment options as well. Probably the best medicine though is stress management. Stress in general, no matter what the source, is bad for your health. If the stress and anxiety get to be too great, you can always try medication, but first there is yoga and meditation, and of course good old-fashioned exercise. A certain protein in the brain called brain-rerived neurotrophic factor  or BDNF protects neurons from damage caused by stress. Exercise is a potent stimulus that quickly increases BDNF expression in your brain, which is one reason why exercise is a powerful natural antidepressant.

And before you enter divorce court, consider trying to save your marriage by building strong communication and conflict resolution skills, finding other couples to befriend, coparenting in a positive way and spicing up your sex life.


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