Hula Hooping: Burn Calories While Having Fun

Hula Hooping: Burn Calories While Having Fun
Hula Hooping: Burn Calories While Having Fun

Hula hooping helps you lose weight. Hula hooping brings to mind images of girls in poodle skirts, kindergartners swaying their hips on a black top or hippies dancing around with multiple brightly colored hoops in a park. Although there is a lot of shimmying going on, most people don’t equate the hula hoop with exercise, it’s seen as more as a children’s game. But more gyms are starting to offer hula hooping as an alternative exercise class — a fun, different way to stay in shape. And a recent study found that hula hooping actually is a good exercise and burns calories.

The study  found that a 35-minute hooping exercise routine was comparable to step aerobics and cardio kickboxing when measured by calories burned. It also has the potential to improve flexibility and induce relaxation.

There is always some new exercise craze that may sound a bit outlandish but changing up a boring routine can reenergize your zest for exercising. So if you don’t want to jog the same route everyday, pick up a hoop, try cardio kickboxing or do some belly dancing — just get that heart pumping. Another positive for hula hooping is that it is easy to do anywhere, you can just pop the hoop in your car and then bust it out during lunch, which is helpful since another study found that your office job can lead to weight gain.

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