BPA and Water Bottles The Danger of Drinking Increases Over Time

BPA is present in water bottles

BPA and water bottles make for a dangerous combination. Although Bisphenol A (BPA), a substance found in plastics, has already been declared toxic in Canada, it is still prevalent in plenty of American food packages such as water bottles. According to a recent study, the more you eat and drink from packages made with BPA, the longer the toxins linger in your body.

While most past studies have focused on giving subjects single doses of BPA, this study is the first to compare the effects of subjects with prolonged exposure to BPA. The experiment found that people who regularly had BPA included in their diets had higher amounts linger in their systems. Moreover, while people with rare BPA exposure were able to eliminate it from their bodies in a shorter amount of time, those who continually ingested BPA had higher concentrations of the toxins remain in their bodies for longer periods of time.

Experts are obviously alarmed by these results. Since most other experiments have examined single doses of BPA, they fear that the long-term consequences may be even more significant than previously believed. More studies will need to be conducted to verify the effects of ongoing BPA exposure.

In the meantime, this research goes to show that while your body can handle occasional accidental BPA ingestion, allowing it to be exposed regularly can be detrimental. Read these helpful tips on how to help eliminate BPA from your life.

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