Why Go Green at Work? Green Companies Have Happier Employees

Work-life balance and employee recognition make for happier workers, but can a company’s record of environmental responsibility boost worker happiness as well?  That’s a green light. A recent study of more than 100 companies revealed that employee satisfaction and environmental performance go hand in hand.

While topics such as recycling and conservation might not seem to relate to compensation and diversity, when such green factors were high within a company, so was employee satisfaction with their pay and workplace.  With costly employee turnover continuing to rise from 9 percent of the workforce in 1995 to 37 percent in 2004, which costs companies anywhere from 50 to 200 percent of an exiting employee’s annual salary, worker satisfaction is closely tied to the bottom line.

There are many reasons and ways for companies to go green, and more and more companies are adopting sustainability practices every day.  Honda, Continental Airlines, S.C. Johnson and Goldman Sachs are just a few of CNNMoney’s “Ten Green Giants” — companies choosing environmentally responsible practices (whether they have to by law or not) to reduce their carbon footprint, develop green technology, use renewable resources and alleviate the effects of environmental damage.

Working for a green company? Lucky you. Trying to get your company to go green?  Now you have a solid way to sell the CEO on sustainability: tell them it’ll boost productivity, raise employee satisfaction and reduce turnover.  And that’ll improve the environment — and their bottom line.

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