The Key To Employee Satisfaction: Involvement

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Do both job enjoyment and a high level of productivity seem impossible to achieve? Then find an employer who first encourages you to take part in planning your projects, and this may allow you to take responsibility for executing them. It also helps if your boss is readily available to talk about your progress.That is the conclusion of a recent study in the United Kingdom that surveyed nearly 22,500 workers and 2,300 managers.

Management specialists have a name for this approach to managing employees. They call it “high-involvement type of management.” In this model, employees are free to execute their plans and can communicate with the management easily. They are actively involved in the financial matters of the organization and its operations. The survey by researchers at the University of Leicester in London measured the job satisfaction and employee well-being associated with this approach. While it may seem like common sense that treating workers with professional respect is an obvious way to get better results, documenting it may persuade more companies to truly put it into practice.

If more companies adopt high-involvement management styles, it could have a significant effect not only on productivity, but on employee health. Nearly one in three workers considers her job stressful, a statistic that might be lowered by the adoption of better management styles.

The British findings could be bolstered if the researchers ask the workers to fill out the survey again after they have been on the job longer. They also could strengthen their conclusions if they assessed the personalities of the workers they questioned.

Nevertheless, there are undoubtedly many employees who hope management gets the message that employees are happier and more productive when they are made to feel they are true contributors and partners in the workplace.

You might start by distributing the results of the study, if you can find the right boss to read it.

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