Just Thinking About Food Makes Your Mouth Water

While sitting in your favorite restaurant, a waiter walks past with a juicy steak and your mouth starts to water. Just being in the steak’s presence can make you start to drool like Pavlov’s dog. A recent study found that tasting food isn’t the only way to get your mouth watering. In fact, a number of food-related stimuli can produce the same wet result.

Surely, you can all think of a time when you smelled a meal fresh out of the oven that you swear you could taste before it even reached your plate. But it’s not even just smell that gets your mouth watering. A description or picture on a menu can make your mouth moist. The ambiance of a restaurant can make you hungry, too. Heck, even just thinking about good food can get your saliva flowing. Go ahead and try imagining a favorite meal – and your mouth will start watering.

Saliva production marks the beginning of digestion process. It not only aids in chewing and swallowing, but it also helps with tasting the food.

Food looks yummy on television commercials for a reason. The advertisers want your brain to think scrumptious thoughts and make your mouth water. Next time your mouth starts watering remember, you may not even be that hungry.

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