Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: Kids Want Some Milk With That Sugar

Jamie Oliver, chef and host of ABC’s “Food Revolution,” hits LA this season. The chef filled an entire school bus with sugar to demonstrate how much sugar the L.A. Unified School District added to their flavored milk in a week.  The “sugar” (actually white sand for demonstration purposes) was overflowing as it filled the bus. It was a controversial start to the reality tv show’s second season launch. The inspiring reality tv show documents the chef as he “sets out to tackle the problems of obesity, heart disease and diabetes in the US – where the first generation of children are not expected to live as long as their parents – and invites viewers to take a stand and change the way Americans eat at home, in schools and on Main Street.”

There’s no doubt that milk is good for growing bodies, even chocolate milk has its benefits, and some studies even suggest that children who drink flavored milk have higher calcium intake and do not have significantly higher BMIs than children who do not drink flavored milk.  Yet how much is too much when it comes to the sugar added to milk?  On average, 70 percent of milk sold in school cafeterias has added sugars and fats for flavoring purposes.  In fact, the average chocolate milk container served at schools has 26 grams of sugar.  For comparison’s sake Coke Classic has 27 grams of sugar per serving and Mountain Dew has 31 grams.  Some schools have tried healthier alternatives in an effort to curb childhood obesity and wean youngsters off sweetened milk, making chocolate milk with sucrose made from beets and sugar cane.

The healthiest option for kids would be to not drink flavored milk and instead go with the low-fat or skim option. However another possibility is to be extra vigilant about identifying and reducing other sources of hidden sugar in the child’s diet to help offset the added sugar coming from the chocolate milk.


  • My gracious where are the parents of anyone who wants to grow healthy children for the next generation? Does everyone just assume Christ is coming back and we do not need to eat any better…you know the end is near, so why bother? I saw myself in a video some three years ago and began to change my entire diet as I was some 60 pounds overweight. It took one year and one pound a week, but I lost the 60 lbs. Now eating Food for Life breads and fresh fruits and vegetables is just the normal way to eat. I do not miss all the sugar and extra helpings. People everywhere need to give Jaime Oliver a chance.

  • I love Jamie Oliver! Where are the parents? Why has it taken someone from the outside to come into our schools and tell us how bad the food selection is? Our children are our future and if we do not teach them how to make healthy choices their generoration is in for a ton of health issues and a shorten life span…. Is ths what we want for our children? As parents we can all say we are busy but doing what? Make time and have your voice be heard at the schools. And if there is a school board member like to one during this weeks LAX school that sits there unwilling to even listen to someone’s idea then you the PARENTS need to vote him OUT! Really parents, WAKE UP and demand the best food choices for our children they deserve it! Don’t you want our children to live a longer healthier life? It does not cost but pennies more to eat health and the food taste so much better. A big thank you to Jamie for caring enough about our children to fight for a healthier choice.

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