Jack Obsourne to Be a Dad, Plus 4 Pregnancy Tips

Jack Obsourne is going to be a father.  Jack, the youngest child of rock superstar Ozzy Osbourne and TV personality Sharon Osbourne has announced that he is expecting a child with his fiancee, Lisa Stelly.  The 25-year-old Osbourne achieved fame in  2002 when the reality show The Osbournes became a smash hit on MTV.  Jack then went on to star in his own reality TV show Jack Osbourne: Adrenaline Junkie making a name for himself doing daredevil stunts and extreme sports.  Knowing that Osbourne”s child will be born into wealth, here are some tips Jack can forward to Lisa to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

1. Eat well. Okay, kind of a no-brainer, but when your body is craving the fried stuff, just try and keep it in check. It’s important to eat the right balance of protein, grains and fats and get enough iron, calcium, folate and vitamin C. The American Pregnancy Association outlines a specific plan on how many servings of each type of nutrient you should get.

2. Steer clear of the diet soda and aspartame. A recent Danish study suggests that you should add diet soda to your list of unacceptable indulgences. Researchers surveyed nearly 60,000 women at the midpoint of their pregnancy and found that the women who drank one artificially sweetened (carbonated and non-carbonated) beverage daily were 38 percent more likely to give birth prematurely than women who didn’t drink these beverages.  What’s more astounding is that drinking more than four servings of artificially sweetened beverages led to a 78 percent increased risk of preterm delivery. Also, the FDA believes it is safe for women who already consumed saccharin (Sweet n’ Low), sucralose (Splenda) or acesulfame K (Sunett, Sweet One) prepregnancy to continue, but not aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal) for the safety of the baby.

3. Take a good prenatal vitamin. When it comes to prenatal vitamins, there are very few “need-to-have” ingredients, and lots of “nice-to-have” ones. Most importantly, your prenatal should contain 600 mcg to 1 mg of folic acid, which is critical for baby’s proper brain and spinal cord development during the very early weeks of pregnancy. Iron and vitamins C and A (in the form of beta-carotene) are other key ingredients. Vitamins B, D, E and omega-3s fall into the nice-to-have category.

4. Ditch the glass of wine. Consumption of alcohol during pregnancy is currently the leading cause of preventable birth defects.  It increases the risk of bearing a child with lifelong physical and mental disabilities. In addition to fetal alcohol syndrome, a recent studysuggests a higher rate of behavioral problems, classified as conduct disorder, in adolescent children whose mothers consumed alcohol during their first trimester of pregnancy. A neurotoxin, alcohol may be more harmful to the development of the fetus than crack cocaine or other drugs. Its ability to easily pass the placental barrier causes high concentration levels in the placenta that the fetus is ill equipped to eliminate. Celebrate the stork’s impending arrival — just not with a glass of wine.

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