Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven: Crazy History and One Surprise Fact

Slurpee Day
Free Slurpee day at 7-Eleven is here!  What better way to cool down in this summer heat than with a Slurpee? For those that haven’t checked the calendar, today is July 11th, also known as 7/11. So we all get to “Stop by for a FREE 7.11 oz. Slurpee drink.” As an homage to the Slurpee we recommend you all watch the history of the slurpee. It may be the best two minutes of your day.

1. The Slurpee was invented by Omar Knedlik, who owned a Dairy Queen in Coffeeville, Kansas during the 1950s. On hot days, Mr. Knedlik would store bottles of Coke in his freezer and serve these super-cooled, semi-frozen drinks to his customers.  He advertised this unique and refreshing drink as “The Coldest Drink in Town.” Mr. Knedlik began tinkering with an old ice cream machine and soon had the first primitive working model of the modern ICEE Machine.”

2. At the time, Knedlik contacted a manufacturing company that was experimenting with another new technology:  the automobile air conditioning unit. Knedlik used the first automobile air conditioning unit technology to develop a machine that could make slushed iced drinks.

3. In 1965, 7-Eleven licensed the machine, but called the drink by a different name to make it unique for their stores. The name Slurpee was coined by Bob Stanford, a 7-Eleven ad agency director, when he described the sound made while sipping it through a straw.

Why Slurpee’s before workouts may be good for you!
With summer in full swing, running in the heat can become grueling as your endurance drops while the temperature rises.  New research out of Australia proposes a simple method for increasing workout endurance on a hot day: drink a slushie first. According to the research, the runners who had the slushie were able to run 10 minutes more than those who drank cold water (50 and 40 minutes, respectively). Slushie drinkers also had lower core temperatures, both before exercise and through about 40 minutes after starting.

To learn more about the science behind precooling to extend workouts check out this article: How Slushies Improve Your Running Time. next time you go for a run on a really hot day, consider having a slushie or plain water with lots of finely-crushed ice about 30 minutes beforehand. And if the heat does get to you, always be safe — take a break and cool down before starting up again.


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  • Shame on you 7-11I elected to partake in this 7-11 Free Slurpee Extravaganza. When I reached my local 7-11 I was greeted with no formal acknowledgement of this event by the store.

    In fact I didn’t see anything to support free slurpee at all, until an employee of the store handed me a cup and said you can have this “free” slurpee if you want. Now this cup is 7.11-oz. size which to put into perspective is slightly bigger than a Dixie-cup you would use for mouthwash. I was then forced to accept the free slurpee cup and pressured into trying the newest “blue” flavor that was just done mixing. I was hesitant to even unleash the full force of the slurpee into this cup as it would most likely only take a half a blast to overwhelm the receptacle. But yet I did, as soon as I moved the slurpee lever handle it sprayed into the bottom of the cup filling it immediately and sprayed over flow slurpee onto myself and the 7-11 employee. I was utterly humiliated. @insanetsharts 711

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