Could Camel Milk Help Relieve Food Allergies?

Parents always want to protect their children, but what can you do when something as simple as eating basic foods make your child severely ill? It may sound radical, but a recent study suggests camel milk may help relieve food allergies.

With only eight participants, this is an extremely small study so the results need to be confirmed with further research. The results, however, are very promising for children with severe food allergies. Before beginning the study, the eight children all suffered from various food allergies, including allergy to cow’s milk. They were then given a diet of camel milk only. Not only were the children able to drink the camel milk without having an allergic reaction, but consuming the camel milk also seemed to alleviate allergic reactions to other foods as well.

Food allergies are usually triggered by an immune response to the proteins in the food. The researchers hypothesize that the children were able to tolerate the camel milk because it contains different proteins than cow’s milk that don’t elicit an immune response. Further, camel milk contains immunoglobulins, similar to those found in human breast milk, that boost the immune system. By enhancing the immune system, camel milk may protect against additional food allergies allowing children to consume a liberalized, more varied diet.

While camel milk may be regularly consumed in some cultures, it is important to note that it is not readily available in the U.S. Further, the U.S. regulations require that milk products be pasteurized, but the high heat of pasteurization would destroy the beneficial immunoglobulins in camel milk. So while this study should give many allergy sufferers hope, more advancements are needed before camel milk can become a viable therapy.

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  • After infancy no one needs milk regardless of the source. Humans are the only mammals who continue drinking milk past babyhood. MIlk and milk based products have nothing to do with health and everything to do with the dairy industry making billions. MIlk making kids sick is because their bodies don’t want it! That’s what lactose intolerance is. The enzyme to break milk down isn’t there. Not drinking/eating GMO, pasteurized, adulterated, mucousy ( from infected cows) dairy products is the way to better health.

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