6 Tips for Choosing Healthy Fast Food

25,000 Big Macs eaten over a lifetime? Yes, Wisconsin legend Don Gorske is set to break his own record. Since May 17th, 1972 Gorske has consumed at least one Big Mac a day, sometimes even buying multiple Big Macs in a day and freezing them for later consumption.  Gorske gained national attention when he appeared in Morgan Spurlock’s documentary “Super-Size Me,” when his unusual diet became a focus.  Amazingly enough, his .

We all can”t be lucky like Don Gorske and indulge daily, however, if you do have a craving from time to time, here are some good fast food choices:

1. Choose “snack” sizes, which often have half the calories of the full-size version.

2. Be a small fry. If you must have fries, keep it to a small size; or if your meal comes with a larger size, throw half of them out before you even start eating.

3. Salads aren’t always healthy. Salads provide lots of nutrients and fiber, but some pack in more calories than a hamburger and fries. So avoid toppings like bacon, cheese, crispy lo mein noodles and fried tortilla strips. Choose vinaigrette over creamy salad dressings and ask if the restaurant offers a half portion.

4. Skip the soda and the shakes.

5. Other good choices include chili, baked potatoes and bean burritos.

Finally, don’t make it a habit.  Try to make fast food an occasional treat for you and your family. Even when making decent choices, children and teens are unlikely to meet the nutrient demands of a growing body on a diet of fast food.


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