“Muffin Top” in Oxford Dictionary: OMG 6 Tips Lose Muffin Top Fast

Belly Fat Woman

The Oxford Dictionary includes “Muffin Top” according to Britain’s Oxford University Press. OMG! LOL! Spanx sure is cashing-in on the obesity crisis. WTF did not make the list of Internet acronyms added to the list, but there ain’t nothing wrong with ya’ll using OMG or LOL.

Love handles were once a side of body affair, but with the obesity crisis syncing at the exact same time low-riding skinny jeans became popular — our flesh had no where to go except up. Hence the term muffin top. Now officially defined as “a protuberance of flesh above the waistband of a tight pair of trousers.” Stop buying Spanx ladies, time to get real. First, let’s pinky promise to make high-rise baggy jeans popular. Second, here’s our list on the anti-muffin top secret strategies.

Okay, Ladies 6 Ways to Lose the Muffin Top Fast

1 Drink Less. Drinking alcohol makes you more prone to storing fat in the belly, so lay off the booze. No one type of alcohol promotes more belly fat storage than another, swapping from, say, beer to vodka, isn’t going to help you out (sorry).

2. Quit Smoking. Research has shown that smoking appears to induce physiological changes that favor the storage of fat in the belly, even if you’re not overweight. So if you haven’t found the motivation yet to give up the cigarette habit, add losing that belly pooch to the long list of great reasons to quit!

3. Cut Salt. High-sodium foods promote excess water retention can contribute to abdominal bloating and distention that give the appearance of a bigger belly. So if a flat tummy is your goal, start slashing the amount of sodium in your diet.  (For more tips on following a low-sodium diet, click here.)

4. Eat Whole Grains. Want to shave some weight off your waist? Though fad diets are everywhere, a recent study finds that just having more whole grains and less refined grains might do the trick. Those with the highest intake of whole grains had the least amount of visceral fat. The opposite was true with refined grains: those who ate the most refined grains also had the most visceral fat.

5.  Avoid Foods That Give You Gas. Gas causes bloating, which can give the appearance of belly-fat. Different foods cause different people to get gas. Stick to high-fiber foods that contain fiber from natural sources, like whole grains and bran.

6. Drink Plenty of Water. Staying hydrated (in conjunction with a diet adequate in fiber) prevents constipation– a major contributor to preventable abdominal distension. And contrary to what you might think, drinking enough water actually helps prevent bloat-inducing excess water retention (particularly in conjunction with that low-sodium diet.) Plus, you can drop more pounds faster by drinking two cups of water before each meal.

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