Happy Meal Change a Step Toward More Nutritious Fast Food Options

Happy Meal change will finally come to McDonald’s locations around the country. Starting in September, the chain restaurant will take significant steps to increase the healthiness of their kids’ meals. McDonald’s will be reducing the amount of French fries it serves and including a healthy side.

Rather than eliminate French fries entirely, a move that would likely disappoint the kids, McDonald’s plans to more than halve the size of the portion of fries that children currently receive. Instead, children will find a side of apples, raisins, carrots, oranges, or pineapple slices in their Happy Meals, depending on the season and the region of the restaurant. McDonald’s estimates that these modifications will decrease Happy Meals’ calories by about 20 percent.

It appears that McDonald’s is trying to compromise by giving families what they should eat along with what they want to eat. While Happy Meals still won’t come close to topping the nutrition and benefits of a home-cooked family meal, they could have a small impact on helping to prevent childhood obesity in families who can’t resist the convenience of fast food.


  • I think that is a ridiculous idea. We all know that fast food is not healthy for anyone, especially for our kids but we as adults have decisions in life to make and they may not always be the smartest or best decision. When I choose to go to the drive thru at McDonald’s it is simply MY decision. Yes, it is a great idea to give other side options but cutting the amount of fries in the Happy Meal????? Seems to me its just another way to make more money so that ppl will ask for “extra” fries or another order of fries. Another point I would like to make is that adults eat Happy Meals too!!! Especially, when you’re trying to grab a quick bite before supper or if you’re simply not all that hungry. Trust me, I’ve done so many times. Well I hope that my opinion makes some type of difference on the many views this “change” will make. Thanks for reading.

  • @sunshine deuces

    yes i agree it is entirely up to the parents that decide to feed their kids this chemicle cocktail version of food. but the people that eat mcdonalds (either enjoy the taste or the convenience of not having to cook or clean up dinner and possibly not even get out of the car) most likely will be upset. if you eat mcdonalds you supersize it, most likley are supersize yourself and so are your kids. like it was said above the kids will just request more fries and in turn will consume the new smaller version on top of the extra order therefore more calories! i think its crazy that this is even considered nutrition. i really dont get it. it dosent matter what mcdonalds does to their happy meals fat or lazy or both type of parents will continue to eat this fast food and feed it to their children, that will eventually also be fat or lazy or both. and then the cycle will continue with their children and so on. good luck mcdonalds on getting YOUR customers to like the switch.

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