Drink Milk in the Summer. Could Milk Be a Seasonal Drink?

Peaches in the summer, asparagus in the spring, apples in early fall… milk in the summer?

Although many of us have strategies on how to buy the best produce, most of us don’t think about how or when to buy the best milk. A recent study from England looked at the fatty acid content of conventional versus organic milk and summer- versus winter-bought milk. Milk in your store-bought carton may all look the same, but there is more (or less) to them than meets the eye.

Which milk had the healthiest content? Organic beat conventional and summer trumped winter-bought milk. Specifically, organic milk had more of the healthy fats than the conventional milk. Interestingly, milk that was bought in the summer had lower concentrations of saturated fats than the winter-bought milk.

Milk can be a great source of calcium. If you are a milk drinker, keep this study in mind and remember a few basic tips. First, if you’re drinking whole milk, switch to 2 percent milk for a couple of months, as your palate adjusts , then try 1 percent.

  • Choose low-fat or skim dairy products to lower your intake of the unhealthy saturated fat.
  • Vary your dairy intake by including low-fat or skim yogurt (the Greek variety has more protein).
  • Try non-dairy sources of calcium like calcium-fortified soy, almond, rice or hemp milk.

More research needs to be conducted, but perhaps these findings will inspire the dairy industry to more specifically analyze their products to ensure they are the healthiest they can be.

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