Chewing Your Food More May Affect Waistline

It seems like some people can eat anything they want, while others can’t lose weight no matter how hard they try. But what if it’s a problem of not only what you’re eating, but also how you’re eating it? Could the mechanisms of chewing affect weight gain? A new study says yes; it found that the amount a person chews their food correlates to if they are overweight.

The study looked at 16 obese and 14 lean men. They compared their chewing habits and the effects this had on their weight. The study found that the lean men tended to chew their food almost three times longer than the obese men and ate less, though bite sizes were the same. The second part of the study had everyone chew their food either 15 or 40 times. It found that those who chewed 40 times ate less (obese or lean) and had higher hormone production that made them feel full. Scientist found that chewing more often seemed to make the metabolism more efficient.

This study shows that it’s not only what you eat that can lead to obesity but how you eat. Of course you should eat healthy foods, whole grains and fruits. But you should also pay attention to how fast you eat. Pay attention, thoroughly chew your food, and savor it. Of course chewing more isn’t going to necessarily help you lose weight, but it can be another weapon in your arsenal to fight obesity. Be smart about how and what you eat.

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