Can Vitamins Improve Nail Health?

Have you tried countless supplements to stop your nails from always chipping or peeling? We”ve all seen vitamins on the store shelf that promise strong, healthy nails just by popping a pill — but do they work? Unless you have a disease that effects nail health, vitamin and mineral supplements are unlikely to enhance the appearance of your nails, according to a recent study.

The researchers reviewed several articles examining the relationship between vitamin and mineral supplements and nail health. The overall conclusion was that supplements will not improve the appearance of nails in generally healthy, well-nourished people. In fact, excess intake of vitamin A and selenium can actually be detrimental to nail health.

The study did confirm a relationship between some vitamin deficiencies and poor nail health and appearance. Vitamin B12 deficiency is associated with darkened nails while iron deficiency may lead to spooning of the nails. And, if you”ve been diagnosed with a condition that affects nail health, you may also benefit from supplements:

Otherwise, skip the vitamin aisle and instead spend your money at the nail salon. Adequate nail care and a varied diet will get your nails into tip-top shape.

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